About me
About me

Pedro Merino

A few years ago my life took a radical change, and my way of seeing it also changed. My passion is traveling and exploring the world, and in photography, I found a way to live my dreams in a way I had never imagined before. It’s not just my profession; it’s my way of life.

Currently, I’m a photographer and a cooperative member of Stocksy United agency. I specialize in creating commercial productions in all the places I travel to, as well as in my hometown of Madrid, Spain.

In every trip, I try to capture through photography and video the diverse cultures and lifestyles that I have the opportunity to know From portraits and everyday scenes to occupations and businesses, each image tells a unique story and allows me to share the richness and diversity of the world.

Although I am currently based in Madrid, I am always open to projects worldwide.

My Portfolio

Pedro Merino offers the best commercial photography and videography services.

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Comissioned work for brands and companies

I help you capturing the essence of your brand or company and highlight what makes it special with high-quality photos and videos. Tell me about your project, and we will make it together
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Individual clients

Capture the most special moments and obtain the best images for an unforgettable memory. Immortalize genuine moments, reliving them over and over again.
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Collaborations and productions

If you have a business or you're a model in need of commercial photographs to promote yourself, we can collaborate and work together. Participate in one of my stock productions.
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Travel content for brands

Create the best travel advertising campaigns with authentic content of the highest quality.
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